Peter the Great

By Nicole Casey



- a firm hand

- mind set on modernization

-powerful leader

-curious man

-controlling over church and nobles


  • modernizes Russia
  • strengthen the Russian military
  • expand Russian border
  • centralize royal power
  • gained ports on the Baltic Sea
  • ended Russia’s long period of isolation


  • Peters first policy was westernization . This is known as adaption of western ideas, culture and technology.
  • Forced landowning nobles to serve the state by participating in military or civilian positions.
  • Passed a law saying that nobles kept control of their land.
  • Forced some people to be workers or laborers on roads, government projects, or canals.
  • Peter the great also encouraged exporting items.

Interesting facts

  • Traveled to Europe to learn everything about ship building
  • Peters childhood and curiosity showed off later in his lifetime. He spent most of his childhood in the "German quarter". This was known as "Moscow neighborhood".