Psycology Applied

Taylor Costello

What is psychology?

Psychology is the scientific study of an individuals behavior and mental processes.

Behavior is an action or mannerism made by a living organism. Or in other words an action of a living being that can be observed. An example of an observable behavior is the way you talk or the way you walk.

Mental processes are internal experiences such as thoughts , beliefs, and emotions.

How does psychology benefit society?

Psychology helps treat people of help people in order to live what we would consider a normal life.

Psychology helps us to understand why people behave the way the do.

Psychology helps people focus on achieving happiness

How does Psychology help to improve lives?

Psychology can help you get motivated to quit smoking or lose weight.

Psychology can also improve your leadership skills, help you communicate better, make good and accurate decisions, understand others better, and be more productive and healthy.

Subfields of Psychology

Bio Psychology

Study relationships between biology and psychology.

--Tries to explain how the relationships influence behavior and understanding.(Example: How your brain and your eyes communicate to interpret words you're reading on the screen.)

Clinical Psychology

Evaluating and treating people with Psychological disorders

--A pattern of behavior or mental symptoms that impact multiple life areas and create distress for the affected person.

Developmental Psychology

How people grow and change physically, mentally, and emotionally over the course of a life time.

--Relationship between parents and children influences children's relationships later in life (teens and adults)

Forensic Psychology

Apply psychological principles to legal issues.

--Use knowledge of psychology and criminal justice to advise legal experts.

--Help lawyers choose members of a jury that will decide the outcome of a case.

Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Applies psychological principles and research to benefit businesses and organizations.

--Personality tests on employees.

--use results to tell which individuals are best suited to fill and open job position.

Personality Psychology

Examines personality. All humans are the same in someways and different in others.

--Why some people procrastinate and some start working right a way.

Social Psychology

How people act in groups of people.

--How behaviors are impacted by social environments

--Who is most likely to help in an emergency? Someone who is alone or someone who is part of a group?

School Psychology

Diagnose and treat behavior and learning problems in children and teens.

--A student us regularly experiencing academic challenges in a classroom. (leaning disability?)

More About the Subfields of Psychology?

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