Lion's Den News December Edition

Words from Mrs. Logan

Merry Christmas!

I hope you all had a restful and safe Thanksgiving. I can't believe that we have only three weeks remaining before the end of our second nine weeks.

December is going to be a busy and exciting month at Lakewood. There are lots of things happening here: from teacher training to mid-year testing to Christmas activities we will have a flurry of events.

December 2-13 we will be doing NWEA testing and mid-year testing. We need all students here at school every day and on time. Testing begins at 8:15. Please stay in contact with your classroom teacher through Dojo, Facebook, the website and the backpack notes. We make continuous efforts to make sure you are aware of all the things happening at school.

Christmas parties will be December 20 at 1:45. That week will be full of Christmas activities for your students.

Happy holidays,

Sara Logan

Karen Pounders

P. S. School resumes on Tuesday, January 7.

Did you know....

Lakewood has a closet full of school uniforms of every style and size that are there for kids who need them. If your kids are like mine and have out grown their new school uniforms before Christmas this may be a resource for you. If you need or know someone who needs school uniforms before our next Uniform Drive please contact Mrs. Fimple.

Support LWE while doing your holiday shopping

These are a few simple and automatic ways to support LWE!

Please tell your friends and family to sign up!

  • Always shop Amazon Smile!

On your first visit to

Select: Pick your own charitable organization

Type: Lakewood Elementary PTA

Select: N Little Rock, Ar

  • Kroger Community Rewards

Log into your account:

Click: My account

Click: Community Rewards

Click: ENROLL NOW or EDIT (a search box should appear)

Our NEW number/ NPO#: NQ554

Click: Circle next to Lakewood Elementary PTA

Click: ENROLL to complete enrollment

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Calling all Lakewood Families!

We are planning ahead for Black History Month and would like to fill our classrooms with speakers in February. Our goal is to provide our students with as many real life role models as possible, so any African American family member, friend, or community member who is willing to come share about your job/life - we want you! We would like to highlight professionals from a variety of career backgrounds, so any authors, professors, musicians, law enforcement, military, artists, public servants . . . any and all people you are connected to - we are looking for them (you) as well.

Please send an email to:

and let her know the information below:

I am willing to come speak to _______________ (my child’s class, a whole grade level (75 students) or I know of a speaker/group who provides programs for the whole school.

The student I know at Lakewood is _________________. I am connected to her/him because ________________ (neighbor, child, grandchild, etc.)

I can share about my _____________________

(Job, family, history, hobby, work in the community, volunteer work, expertise)

Fundraiser Update

We raised about $18,300!!!

With the money raised, all grade wishes will be granted!

  • Kindergarten: Costumes and details for their play during Art Week
  • First Grade: Upgrades to class tech
  • Second Grade: Composition notebooks for each student, 3 paper cutters, remotes for the smart boards
  • Third Grade: Purchase 6 books per child to take home at the end of the school year
  • Fourth Grade: Classroom library upgrades
  • Fifth Grade: Indoor recess board games

Meet the Third Grade Teachers

Together may we give our children the roots to grow and the wings to fly.

Mental Health Matters: Grief

Grief and loss can be a difficult topic, especially for children. The holiday season tends to be a time in which grief can be significant for those who have experienced a loss, whether it’s divorce, the death of a loved one (family, friends and/or pets), finances, a home, etc. So, what can we do as parents, caregivers, a school and a community for our children who are grieving? First, we need to identify it. A child who is grieving may present in some of the following ways:

  • Clinginess

  • Feelings of heaviness, emptiness and/or numbness

  • Are not interested in favorite foods or activities

  • Feeling tired all the time

  • Sleep and appetite changes

  • Anger/irritability

  • Difficulty focusing or concentrating

  • Not asking questions about the loss

Next, we need to help them find healthy ways to cope with their grief. Children are extremely resilient, but it is important not to minimize or discount their feelings. According to Psychology Today (2010), a few ways we can help children experiencing grief include:

•”Talking about a memory of the time that involved the lost loved-one. In the case of changed circumstances, such as divorce, encourage the child to discuss pleasant memories of the holiday, rather than ignore them or focus primarily on the loss itself.
•Do some of the things they enjoyed doing with the person they lost, and try to do some of the things he or she enjoyed doing. When circumstances have triggered a grief reaction, brainstorm about ways to create pleasant memories around the current situation.
•Make a box or folder that includes reminders about the person lost. Draw a picture, write a story, or make some notes about special memories that had to do with the particular holiday.
•Encourage them to cry if they feel like crying. Crying lets other people know that they need comforting.”

Ultimately, children need to process a loss in their own way and in their own time. Grieving looks different for every single person. We need to be there to love and support them along the way.

Happy Holidays!

Sadie Blackwell, PMHNP

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NLRSD Master Calendar

December Breakfast Calendar

December Lunch Calendar

Dec 3 to Dec 4

Kindergarten NWEA Testing Reading 12/3/19 and Math 12/4/19

Dec 4 to Dec 5

2nd Grade NWEA Testing in math and reading.

Dec 5 to Dec 6

1st Grade NWEA Testing in math and reading.

December 16

Choir Field Trip

December 17

5:30-6:30 Christmas Caroling at Lakewood Village Pavilion

December 20

Christmas Parties 1:45

December 20

Second nine weeks ends

December 23

Christmas Break begins

January 7, 2020
Students return to school from break and
Third nine weeks begins

January 20

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday

February 14

Teacher Professional Development - No Students

February 17

Parent-Teacher Conferences - No Students

Mar 23 to Mar 27

Spring Break!

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