Notes and News

Friday, February 7

It's Time To Check Your Grades!

The second marking period ended Feb. 4 after an extension for snow. Zeroes have been added for assignments that were not submitted by the deadline and late points are added to those assignments turned in late. Check your grades - or your student's grades- and contact me if you have any questions.

Snow Week

We have had quite a ride over the past two weeks. With snow and ice covering many roads in Georgia, thousands of students had a few days out of school...but Georgia Virtual School didn't miss a beat. I was very proud of those students who continued to work and submit assignment despite the distressing weather.
Remember to follow your assignment schedule so you won't find yourself overly stressed because you have gotten so far behind. The "Orange Friday" or deadline date is not when you turn in all your assignments at once; it is the last day you may submit the assignment for full credit. The assignments are DUE on the day indicated on the assignment schedule. You should be submitting assignments every day!


Twitter is a way to get and give information quickly. Your GAVS teachers now have Twitter accounts and are using them! You won't get "I'm at Starbucks" messages but you may get access to some cool information and links. Do you know which teachers are gamers? Or live abroad? If you haven't created a twitter account for yourself, try it at