Wilemstad Daily News

By reporter Joshua Chevez

Blind kid comes back from The Cay

WN: How long were you on that cay?

Phillip: About 10 months

WN: Who took care of you Phillip?

Phillip: It was a old nigro, his name was Timothy.

WN: Where is Timothy now?

Phillip: He died at a storm on the cay

WN: Who all was on the cay?

Phillip: It was me, Timothy, and Stew cat.

WN: How did you get on that cay Phillip?

Phillip: Honestly, i don't know. All I remember is something hitting my head fromsomething on the boat and waking up on the cay with Stew cat and Timothy.

WN: How did you survive?

Phillip: Timothy went fishing while I stayed back weaving matts.

WN: Where were you going on the boat?

Phillip: We were going back to the USA

WN: Who is we Phillip?

Phillip: Me and my mom

WN: Who started all of this?

Phillip: My mom.

WN: Why did she want to go back to the USA?

Phillip: Because she was scared that I would get hurt because of the war.

The Weather Today in Curacao

Timothy of Charlotte Amalie

Old man Timothy of Charlotte Amalie was reported dead on a cay called, " The Devils Mouth."

He was there with a little boy named Phillip Enright. Apperently, there was a hurricane and Timothy had to take care of Phillip and Stew cat. But the old man couldn't hold his strength any longer. He just had to take a rest.

US Troops go deeper in Berlin

Berlin is reported being in flames. The Russian armies came to Berlin to make the fall as Nazi headquarters. American troops crossed the Po River, and with other Allied troops, captured the naval base at La Spezia with Ferrara and Modena. ( Ferrara was a German anchor for areas south of the Po River, and Modena was a essential road junction and industrial city near Bologna.