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By:tahlaijah crosby


When learning about photography there are many steps you need to learn before taking that one amazing picture. During this Smore you will learn three things on how to make a picture be come a amazing picture. Today you will learn about silent backgrounds, rule of thirds and getting close.

My pictures

Down below you will find some pictures that I took my self. When I was learning about photography.

More Pctures I Have Taken During My Class

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Is used to bring focus to a subject In a picture. There are many natural and man made things in the world that you can use as a frame. A few natural are: tree branches, flowers or flowering trees, knotholes, living things such as animals or even the sun. A few man made are: body parts, windows, arches, doorways and mirrors are sum good ones to.

Repeating Pattern

Is a cyclical repetition of an identifiable core. The core is the shortest string of elements that repeat.

Emphasized and broken

The difference between these two are that in a broken photo there is that one out of placed object that messes up the whole pattern. When in a emphasized the pattern is very tight and stays the same through out the whole picture and draws a lot of attention to the picture. It also can keep the same pattern but can change the color, tone or size.

Leading lines

Is a composition technique whereby the viewer's eye is attracted to lines that lead directly to the principle subject in the image. Photographers use leading lines to bring out the main subject in the picture to the viewer. The best kind of leading lines to use are: roads, fences, boardwalks, bridges, bricks, anything in a row such as lamp posts. The worst kind of leading lines are one that are straight up diagonal and don't have any curves or twist in the picture. You should really avoid those types of leading lines in your picture if you want a great one.