Malik Moon

China is 3,705,407 squae feet with a population of 1,349,585,838 people. The religions are mostly composed of Buddhists, Muslims, and Christians. Rice, wheat, potatoes, and sorghum are agriculture products grown or harvested. Sorghum is different species of grasses. Pigeons are considered a "divine bird" that may be eaten only under certain circumstances. They are fed to the sick. They are generally forbidden to eat the meat of pigs, dogs, horses, donkeys, mules as well as the blood of animals.In the event a Hui wants to marry a girl from Han or other ethnic minorities, the girl must understand and respect the Hui culture as well as convert to Islamism, or the marriage will be denied. For the marriage feast, there are usually 8 to 12 dishes. Fish, usually of a local variety, is an important item on the dinning table of thousands of families on the eve of the Spring Festival. Offering sacrifices to the moon, eating moon cakes and watching the moon are the main activities on Mid-Autumn Day. Spring Rolls have a long history in China. It's said that as early people would eat spring rolls, a dish with thin flour-made cakes on the First Day of Spring every year. Chinese fried meatball is one of many items served for the Chinese New Year.