Internet 2- Types of Websites

News, Education, Business, Health, Financial

The internet contain many different websites that allow users to access information. Such as Education sites that help instructors to teach and communicate with them. News websites are often posted to supplement newspapers but, some have become entirely digital. These can also be customized to suit your needs and notify you of weahter or sports updates. Some sites promote brands, products or offer information about a company which is catagorized as a Business site. Other organizations also make use of these by using them to collect donations or present their views. Health websites offer information about health, fitness, nutrition and more. Doctors use these to catagorize information and assist with learning about various diseases. Patients should not use the internet as a sole reliable source and should have their doctor's opinion. Financial sites contain banking and trading sites. Banking sites allow users to pay bills, transfer money and access bank accounts. Trading websites enable consumers to invest in many options without a broker. Identity theft is a danger on the web as people can steal your bank accounts or personal information.