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Relationships & communication

Don't talk to strangers!

You're always told, not to talk to strangers. We will learn that sometimes, strangers are on the computer too. It is okay to talk to people on the computer but it should always be people you know. If something looks weird or it doesn't say a name that you know (mom, dad, nana, ms. tia etc.) then you should have an adult around you check to make sure its safe to open.

You've Got Mail

Now that thats out of the way, lets get to the fun stuff! Lets Learn how to communicate (talk to) people that WE DO KNOW through the computer. We will learn how to send an email and how to receive one too!

Your username and password is your first name! Now we are all ready to send our very first email!

As we learn more words, we can type so many different sentences in emails. We can even send photos and songs! Imagine that!

Does any of your family live in different states or even countries?

If you have an aunt or grandma or cousin or friend that lives in a different city, state or country than you…you can even say hi to them on the computer! You just have to get their email with the help of an adult and type what you want to say and press that SEND button!