By James Stubbers

Why do we use vaccines

vaccines are dead virus that we inject to cause a reaction of our immune systems so the immune system kicks in gear and fights of the virus. Last the immune system remember that virus so when the real virus comes around our body can fight it off easier.

What is the proplem with vaccines

Vaccines have cause problems like brain damage and autism. These problems have happened because vaccinations right now are one size fits all but that doesn't work because smaller babies cant handle some of the vaccination that have the damaged or dead viruses.


  1. Vaccines can save small kids from deadly viruses
  2. They have raised the life expectancy for humans
  3. Vaccines have become safer
  4. Vaccines have saved many people's life
  5. Vaccines have cause herd immunity so the people that can't get vaccines are still kind of protected


  1. Some vaccines have been liked to autism
  2. Vaccines are against some peoples religion
  3. Vaccines have caused brain and physical problems to some people