Martin Luther King Jr.


Martin Luther King was born in January 15, 1929. His death was April 04, 1968. At his birth he was called Michael at first, but then changed his name into Martin. As he grew up he got a degree and graduated in Morehouse College, a distinguished Negro (black) institution of Atlanta. Of course everyone knows that he wanted to fight for the ones that didn't have the rights to do something like the blacks or color people. he spoke for them and gave them something to remember. One his famous quotes were Ï have a dream". though he still have people that hated him he mostly had people that follow him. But the people that hated him got him arrested for at least twenty times and assaulted at least four times. but even so that didn't stop him I've heard that he went to the civil rights movement meeting and had travel 6 million miles (and that's a lot in my opinion).

Martin's stories

Martin didn't only wrote speeches like the one he had in the Civil Rights Movement he also had books he wrote for the people. He wrote books like Stride toward Freedom: The Montgomery Story (1958), The Measure of a Men (1959), and Strength to Love (1963, sixteen sermons and one essay entitled "Pilgrimage to Nonviolence"). There is still more books he wrote and all of them were for the people to understand that there are other ways to get rights, but he was also trying to teach them that violence isn't the answer. He also uses that ability for his speeches, like the one he used on the civil rights movement. When he read the memorable speech to them he didn't only touch there hearts he also changed the world for his loving words.

Martin's days

Being in the civil rights is a big step for the blacks and the color people to have there own rights. That's where Martin read his famous I have a dream speech to a crowd. After the civil rights movement Martin led people. to a march. It happen on March 1965 he led them on a 50-mile, voting right march, it went from Selma to Montgomery. There were dangerous situations though. Martin got arrested numerous times and as his followers fight to get him out of prison they were battling tear gas, cattle prods, and police batons. but it was all worth it. Even though they have rough time the national attention drawn by there effort led to the Voting Rights of 1965. But even for all the effort Martin still had to pay the ultimate prize. He died April 04, 1968, because he was shot by James Earl Ray. The people panic and started to go all violent again, and we should know that Martin didn't really believe in violence as the answer. But thanks to Robert F. Kennedy speech for Martin everyone was calmed. But Martin still became a memorable person that day thanks to his belief for blacks and color people rights.

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