Statement of Ethics

School store

Running the school store

1. Customers using dirty phase while others customers might feel uncomfortable

2. Customers are always fooling around might broke something at the stores

3. Customers argument with team member because they are not agreed with the prices of the item

4. Customers going across the sale side and taking stuff without paying for them

5. When customers have a problem with a salesperson bring it into the store making everybody around uncomfortable

6. The salesperson giving extra stuff without charging for them

7. When the supplier come to delivery the merchandise the product not assist him as soon as possible could make him/her change on a uncomfortable mood.

8. Modifying the value of items might bother the customers when they are used to buy it at a difference price

9. Telling customers that we do not give percentage off of big sale of products

10. No giving to the customers what the store sales instead giving them something than they didn't expect or wanted.