April 27, 1843

Today, this is my first journal entry. My name Earl Evans, I am a banker from Boston, Mass. I'm coming to Oregon with my rather large number of family members. My wife Sal, my sons Mark (16) and Paul (10), my lovely daughters Kennedy (4) and Viv is my newborn. I am also bringing my elderly father named Jimbob. have a budget of $500 and I am hoping that will get us all through. We are all excited to start our new life in the Oregon country.

This morning I have gathered many of items to make up all 1,000 BWU's that I can bring in our wagon. I am hoping that I did not leave any important items at home, I am starting to second guess myself. One hour after we had began our journey, we came among a river. I am given the choice to pay to cross safely for $25 or risk it. Since I have a good amount of money, I chose to play it safe. So we crossed the river and went on with our long journey. About 3 hours later, it is around 1:00pm, I am now given to opportunity to hunt. Now knowing myself I will not pass that up. So I went hunting with one of my pistols and came back with 15 pounds of fresh buffalo.

August 19, 1843

It has been a long time long day so far. Just only 20 minutes ago we came across an unexpected issue. I was the only one in my wagon group that was effected, this penalty didn't harm me. But did harm my old father. We came across a wriggedy road and Bob fell off, then the wheel went right over his leg, leaving it broken. As everyone already knows, there are no hospitals around, no paramedics, no doctors to help him. So I had to quickly react as if I was a doctor. I treated his leg as a paramedic would. We knew it was broken because he could not move his leg, no even a single toe. His bone snapped in half so we had to stablize it with a fake cast. I just finished wrapping it as tight as I could to reduce the swelling. Now he is resting in pain, we have nothing to help his pain, not even ice.

I was just informed that we have came across another problem. We have lost all of our ammunition due to failing a challenge. But on the bright side, ahead of us, I see a river full of water. Now, we also have to cross it, I chose the safe route to pay $45 to cross the river on a fairy instead of taking the risk of crossing it on our own. I'm glad I stuck with my desistion because three other wagons in my group who decided to cross it on their own lost 100 BWU's when their wagon tilted over.

October 16, 1843

This is a long day. It's mid morning and the sun's beating down on us. We went on a burial trail and luckily there are some trees for shade. Bab's (a man in my group) wife is in the middle of labor! She will give birth any minute now, we still don't know if it's going to be a girl or a boy. Although they are hoping for a boy. Now, she just gave birth and it's a girl, they don't care about the gender anymore, they are just estatic to see their baby. They named her Lily. I know what a special moment it is, I have four kids! And one's still a small baby. It's now 12:00am we just delt with a major accident. I never would have imagined this. I'm sad to say that only thirty minutes ago we have lost a life. My newborn baby (Viv) who I mentioned earlier is now dead. She fell off the wagon when we were unaware and she was crushed by the wagon wheel. I guess we gained a baby and lost one.

Later, after many of tears, I went hunting. And looking at the brighter side, I gained 30 pounds of buffalo. Then we came across another river. We once again payed to cross the river for $50. Then we lost 60 BWU's as an unknown penalty. I am now writing with my left hand because about twenty minutes ago, I was shot with an arrow in my right arm by an angry native. Soon after, we came across a split in the trail and we chose to go on the Massacre trail. This was risky but we made it.

December 12, 1843

Today has been very tiring, it's really cold, we are pushing our wagon through a bunch of snow and I am not enjoying myself. We had to wake up very early so we can get a move on, we do not want to get covered in snow or caught in a blizzard! And I have more bad news! We had to lose 800 BWU's due to our wagon being too heavy. This journey is not easy, we have suffered losses, injuries, sore muscles, bad weather, illness, dangerous rivers, and it's still not over yet. I just really want to be done with this, but I know it's all going to be worth it, or I hope it will be. I long for freedom, it's our only hope, our destiny is at the end of this journey. It has been several months on this trail and not so many good things have happened compared to the worse. Believe it or not I kind of miss my job, I miss having a home. But I still have my family, we may have lost one, but at least it wasn't our last. There have been many of families that has lost a lot more than we did. But the only thing I want to think about is what's coming next.

So now we came across several different passes. Our group decided to take the Snow Pass, which was the most risky because we had the option to send someone up there to see if the roads were blocked because it's only one way. But we took the risk of not knowing. I really hope we made the right decision. I don't think we did. We just arrived and the snow pass is blocked. We have now been here for days and we are at almost no food. Many people have brought up cannibalism, which I don't support. Now, I don't trust anyone here with my kids. I have never worried about someone eating me before, it's not a great thought, I feel as if everyone has turned into animals. They are resorting to the worst thing that can become of us. It won't benefit us! What is everyone going to do when they run out of people to eat? Eat themselves or starve like us? I now don't see a future for myself or my family, this might be the end.

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