The Battle of Yorktown

The battle that ended the Revolutionary War

With 3,600 french soldiers joining in the battle. It brought the American army hope. This battle was something they knew that they can take down. The Battle of Yorktown left its mark on history because it gave us pride and independence we have today as a nation. The history behind it led up to something really big than expected . Everything that was happening during the battle was making it more of a siege. The battle made a big impact on future and how we live in the United States today. The world may of not been the same if the Battle of Yorktown did not occur.

Highlights of the Battle

  • The French gave supplies and money to Americans
  • Cornwallis leader of the British was ordered to move to Yorktown by Sir Henerg Clinton
  • Both forces combined to trap Cornwallis in Yorktown, Virginia
  • Cornwallis and troops tried to escape
  • Cornwallis surrendered with truce and his whole army
  • Americans and French won and they took Cornwallis's sword(Sword of Surrender)
  • Americans got Treaty of Paris which granted freedom
  • They negotiated peace with each other
  • Treaty of Alliance was were the French and Americans got along

Cynthia Kalaivan