TOAST Weekly Newsletter

Week of March 23rd-27th, 2015

March Madness at TOAST. What a week!

What a great week at TOAST! Between PBIS Celebrations, Take Two Concert for grades 3-6 and out faculty/family basketball game at Hackett Middle School, our scholars and families got to see just how much we value all stakeholders when it comes to TOAST. If you could please take a moment and thank Mrs. Campbell-Beazer for the Take Two Assembly, Our 6th grade scholars, Mrs. Shoop, Ms. Blanchard and Mrs. Yanson for the basketball game and Ms. Cascone and the PBIS Committee for the movie celebrations, that would be greatly appreciated. It takes a complete team approach to make ideas come to life and these team members did an excellent job. Thank you all very much for putting our scholars first!

Check out what a little fun, Lego's and creativity can do. So why not do it at TOAST?

Blank Test- FSA (originally Blank Space by Taylor Swift)

Upcoming Testing Window for NYS

As you know, our scholars will be taking the NYS Tests within the next few weeks. Any scholar who brings in a letter from parents/guardians requesting to opt out, must have each letter stating specifically which test they are choosing to opt out of. Each letter must be brought to the office and a letter to the family will be sent home with the scholar.

This year each staff member at TOAST and all student teachers will be trained as proctors for the upcoming test regardless if you are in a testing grade or not. We will need to support our Schoalrs and staff incase of an emergency and the designated staff are not present on the day of testing. As we did last year, teachers will be required to proctor another class of scholars during testing. The memo for proctors will be out later this week and this will enable teachers to become familiar with the designated testing location.

The video above is just one of many testing paraodies that people have made to show support for scholars during the testing time. This video is for the FSA, Florida State Assessment, but the overall message is universal. Feel free to show it to your scholars and I am looking forward to seeing the posters of support as we did last year for our scholars in testing grades.

Have A Great Week Everyone!