about the goanna

The goanna is a lovely reptile.The diets of goannas vary greatly depending on the species and the habitat.Prey can include all manner of small animals: insects, smaller lizards, snakes, mammals, birds, and eggs.Meals are often eaten whole, though the size of their meals may depend on the size of the animals. Goannas are often quite large, or at least bulky, with sharp teeth and claws.they can grow over 2.5m in length.They love to live in bushland and if you see one and they see you they are likely to run off into the water (if around) or up the trees to be specific they will run away.Like most lizards goanna lay eggs. They may lay their eggs in nests or in burrows.Goannas are important in Australian indigenous culture. Joanna the Goanna was featured in the movie The Rescuers Down Under.To sum up i love goannas fot their lovely reputation.

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