Survival guide for Kermadec island

Hannah Mertz

What to do

Your on a plane it crashes on the Kermadec Island.You can't salvage anything and you the only one who lived. I will show you what to do in order to survive.

When you crash

First you want to look at your surroundings. Is it daylight or not? Take in everything make observations.

Things that could be useful to grab.

Set up camp


Use dry bark,and a stick. Use friction to create a fire.


Use branches.and palm leaves. Make a frame with the branches, and stack the leaves on top.

Fresh water

Go on the beach , crack a coconut and use it for a cup. Boil the water and then drink.


Sharpen a stick with a rock. Then find some fish and stab one. Cook over your fire then eat

How to leave

Wait a couple of days they may try to rescue you. If the don't come, build a raft. You need to take large branches and tie them together with vines. For extra support tie coconuts to the raft they float!

Your journey home

Take extra coconuts , and sharpen more sticks for your trip back. Create a fishing line with a vine and a stick. For bate use fish. Get fish before you leave. Take one rock. Look for other islands and for human life. Use the coconuts for a substitute for water.