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September 28, 2015

Tisch's Tidbits

This Tuesday

Please know I will be attending day two of a conference on tomorrow. Please know I may on not have access to email on this day so calling the main office would be best if there is a transportation change.


The district wide Jog-A-Thon is September 30 with a rain day being the very next day. All kiddos will need to wear their tennis shoes for our afternoon run starting around 1:20. The Kona trunk will be making an appearance as a special treat afterwards! Please help your child to get pledges for this event. It's the only one for the year. :) All proceeds come back to the Union PTO to help fund classroom experiences and materials and if pledges are turned in tomorrow, the child is entered into a drawing! Thank you for all that you do! Please be sure your child has tennis shoes and a water bottle.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Here is the link to sign up for a conference! I look forward to seeing you.


We will begin spelling this week. All of the children have learned different activities to do when practicing. The homework will come home on Monday and will be due on Friday with tests being the same day. As times goes, we may tweak some things, but we will begin today. We have really spoken about not only memorizing, but applying the skill of the week in effort to spell similar words in the future. Any work completed throughout the week correlated with the homework should be stapled and returned with the homework page that came home today.

Field Trip

This Friday is the field trip! We will be outside the entire time, so please be sure your child is wearing tennis shoes and is ready for outdoor weather. I will be sending an informative letter to the parents attending tomorrow or Wednesday. We are so excited!

Have a great week. :)

Your partner in education,



September 29- VIsit from Park Ranger, K-4

September 30- Jog-a-thon

October 1- Jog-a-thon Rain Date

October 2- Feast of the Hunters Moon

October 9- Dads Club Camp Out

October 9- End of First 9 weeks

October 11- Fall Spruce Up 1-3 PM

October 16- Fall Party 2:00-3:00

October 17-25- Fall Break

October 30-Guest Speaker

Throughtout the month of October- Parent Teacher Conference

Social Thinking Words for the Week

The Group Plan: The group plan is what everyone is thinking about and doing at the same time. Making a group plan together helps everyone know what is expected during the activity or routine. Each person knows what to think about and expect to happen during the plan. When everyone is following the group plan, then everyone is thinking about each other. When we all think about each other, everyone feels happy.

How this may look at school: Each morning, the teacher may talk about the group plan for the day. Talking about the day’s activities and routine helps each child to know what is expected in the day and what is going to happen (this may help to take away anxiety from those children that tend to worry about “what happens next”). Teachers may even have the group plan listed on the board for students to refer to throughout the day.

How this may look at home: You’re going to the grocery store to shop. You clearly define to your children before going into the store what the “group plan” will be. It may include staying together, walking down the aisles and not hanging on the cart, and not whining for a particular item.