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October 18, 2021

Hello Panther Community!

October is a busy month and at Vaca Peña Middle school, we believe in supporting causes that are important to our students, our staff and our community. Below are highlights to how we are supporting students as we move into the fall and holiday season(s).

Bullying Awareness & Prevention:

What is bullying and how can we prevent it? Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. Bullying can be verbal, physical or social. as parents, it's important to have ongoing conversations with students about the role they can play in preventing bullying from continuing. Students can report bullying to our anonymous Helpline at (707) 409-0608 or by talking to a trusted adult. We also have a form that students can fill out when they observe something. The Vaca Pena: See Something, Say Something form is linked below.

Red Ribbon Week:

October 25th - 29th is Red Ribbon Week, a week in which we commit to being drug free. National Family Partnership, formerly the National Federation of Parents for Drug Free Youth, was established as a grassroots, nonprofit organization in 1980 by a handful of concerned and determined parents who were convinced they should begin to play a leadership role in drug prevention. Since its founding thirty years ago, NFP has devoted its efforts to the well-being of youth. Today, NFP is a national leader in drug prevention education & advocacy. Our mission is to lead and support our nation’s families and communities in nurturing the full potential of healthy, drug free youth. Vaca Pena will celebrate Red Ribbon Week with dress up days, fun activities and an assembly from Wheels of Freestyle which promotes "5 Secrets to Success."

  1. Stay drug free / The foundation of success
  2. Live your dreams / Setting big goals
  3. Be motivated / Success requires hard word
  4. Respect others / Anti-bullying and kindness
  5. Stay in school / The importance of never quitting

Vacaville PAL:

This past Friday, Vacaville PAL hosted a movie night at Vaca Pena. students watched "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and played games with officers. A fun time was had by all. If you are interested in learning more about PAL and how they support students, please open the link below.

Vacaville Christmas Wish 2021:

Vacaville Christmas Wish began 38 years ago through the efforts of the Children’s Network and social workers at Solano County’s Children’s Shelter. The goal of the program is to see that Vacaville’s low-income children are granted a special wish at Christmas time. Below is a link to the Vacaville Christmas Wish 2021 program where you can donate to this worthy cause or sign up for a family in need.

Together, let’s make the MIDDLE matter,

Colleen Moe


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Vaca Pena: See Something, Say Something

If you are a witness to bullying whether it is verbal, physical or social, we ask that you fill out this form. All responses will be anonymous unless you choose to give your name.

Vacaville PAL Program

The PAL program brings youth under the supervision and positive influence of Vacaville Police Department staff and expands public awareness about the role of a police officer and the reinforcement of the responsible values and attitudes.

Vacaville Christmas Wish 2021

Vacaville Christmas Wish began 38 years ago through the efforts of the Children’s Network and social workers at Solano County’s Children’s Shelter. The goal of the program is to grant Vacaville’s low-income children a special wish at Christmas time.

Important Dates To Remember

Students who want to check out a library book can do so every Tuesday from 3:22 - 3:45


10/18: Football, Volleyball, & Cross Country (Home)

10/19: Football & Cross Country (Home)

10/20: Volleyball vs Sierra Vista at WCW Gym (6:00 tip off)

10/21: Football, Volleyball & Cross Country (Home)

Upcoming School Holidays

Thursday, November 11th

November 22nd - 26th


10/27 Halloween Trail

Oct./Nov. Lunch Menu FREE for all students

The USDA has extended the free meal program through 2021/2022, we ask that families still fill out the Free & Reduced Lunch application. Additional benefits to the free/reduced lunch include transportation bus fees, cable/internet fees, and more!

Fall Sports Schedule

Looking for the Schedule for Cross County, Flag Foot Ball, and Volley Ball. Open this link for schedule of Fall Sports.
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Parent Links Below!

VUSD COVID-19 Resources & Protocols

Students who exhibit COVID-19 symptoms should not attend school.

2021/2022 Middle School Student Calendar PDF

Minimum Days: Sept. 3, Sept. 17, Sept 23-24, March 11 ~ Super Minimum Days: June 1-2

VPMS Athletic Information Link

All students interested in participating in school sports must have a physical dated May 2021 or later and complete all Athletic Clearance forms.

AERIES Parent Portal Link

Use this link to update your contact information, view your student's schedule, attendance, progress and quarter grades and so much more!

Vaca Peña Middle School

Vaca Peña Middle School is a 7th & 8th grade comprehensive middle school serving the Vacaville Community.

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