West Elementary School

*Professional Development Day * January 4, 2016


Monday, Jan. 4th, 8am

100 Dix Road

Jefferson City, MO

Dress Code: Casual

Please feel free to dress comfortably tomorrow if you will be at West.

Team Preparation for our Day

Each team should choose 3-5 essential topics/standards that we need to discuss with the grade level below and the grade level above. For instance, 2nd grade will bring a list of 3-5 topics to share with 1st grade and a list of 3-5 topics to share with 3rd grade. Examples should include specific areas that need refined between grade levels- clarifying language in specific subjects, specific skills, etc.

Please also bring your class list to complete your second round of behavior surveys for our study with MU. Based on this second round of data, we will have a team of Doctoral students from MU that will begin visiting and conducting social skills groups in mid-to late January.


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