Zoo animals

Should animals be kept in zoos?

Why do some people think animals shouldn't be kept in zoos?

The fist zoo was built in Egypt and Mesopotamia.The first modern zoo was built in 1793 in France.paris. Another word for zoo is zoological park.
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Opposing view

Some people think animals should not be kept in zoos.
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Thesis statement

I'm on the yes side because I think animals should be in zoos cause if they need to be cared for zoos can care for them and get them food.
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Zoo keepers save the endangered species.

  • If an animal is sick a zoo can care for them.
  • zoos can protect animals from being hunted or tested.
  • Also if an animal cant hunt for its own food a zoo can feed it.
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Zoos help rehabilitate animals and take in animals that are no longer wanted or cared for.

  • If people can no longer take care of there pets zoos can take them in.
  • Zoos can take in animals with no home.
  • If animals are being abused zoos can take them in to stop that.
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Zoos can protect animals from being hunted

  • Zoos can save the animals if they are getting hunted.
  • Zoos can also save endangered species.
  • Zoos can help animals if they get shot or hurt.
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