Ipads In The Classroom


Ipads in the classroom

Today we have ipads taking over,

The classrooms all over the united states,

As the ipads are increasing,

Ao are the students in the classroom,

Lots of the students are ready for a change,

Which no one finds it strange,

Now that ipads are in the classroom,

A lot of grades are getting way better,

Now that them books can be neatly organized,

Only because their all in the ipad,

Now they can save paper,

Only because everything there is on their ipad,

Digital versions are a fraction,

And kids can highlight and make notes,

Make the ipad’s their interest,

And you can get their attention,

For the ipad's have come,

And it looks like they're here to stay,

And now they’re in the classroom,

Kids will participate in all class activities.