MyLDS 2015 : United we DREAM, Together we FIGHT!

Hey AIESEC! myLDS 2015 was held at University Putra Malaysia (UPM) last January, I bet you guys had the time of your lives. To revive the memories, we invite you look back on all the little moments we've captured together.

Look at all the Lengzais & Lengluis from AIESEC in USM @ MyLDS 2015 ;D

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Chief Delegate (CD) Team 2015

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Global Village : the down under Australia!

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Global Citizen Application Opportunities !

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MyLDS 2015 Golden Fox Award Night

Big big congratulations to AIESEC in USM for the awards won! :D

The Most Lengzai and Lenglui Award

The Most Wonderful Country Global Village

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Engineering Campus iGCP : Y.E.S. Conference 2015

Here is the OC team of Y.E.S. Conference 2015! They are a bunch of brave souls that willing to take the challenge and lead to make something big and memorable happen in AIESEC in USM (Engineering Campus)! Let’s wish them all the best!

Organizing Commitee President: Tan KH

OCVP External Relations: Joshua Wong

OC External Relations: Jeyasree Sugumaran

OC External Relations: Yap Cia Ling

OCVP Publicity: Chim Jia Wen

OC Publicity: Kai Lian

OCVP Finance and Legislation: Weoi Jye

OC Finance and Legislation: Lee Chin Jie

OCVP Agenda and Event: Ong Ju Kit

OCVP Delegate Servicing: Soh Yan Ying

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Finally after 2 rounds of election, once again we would like to congratulate Puah Chien Yee for being elected as the Local Committee President elect of AIESEC in USM for term 2015/2016! Wishing you all the best embarking your leadership journey on a whole new level!

Not to forget Davis Lim Tiong Hean and Mikaela Chong Ching Yang, who have shown the plenary their tremendous courage and determination in pursuing their beliefs. Remember that leadership is not bounded by position nor title. Remember to continue to stand for what we believe, for if we don't, the world will stand on us.

P/S: As a gentle reminder, this coming up Saturday (07/03/2015) is our 3rd round of EGM so please suit up yourself with formal wear and be punctual for registration. The venue for EGM will be announce so please remember to check out AIESEC in USM group frequently.

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Main Campus: TLP General Training 2

TLP General Training 2 with the theme Crisis Management was conducted by our very own Rubi Mahes, the first ever LCP of AIESEC in USM. It was a very inspiring and mindblowing session! :D
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Engineering Campus: General Training 2

Where "impossible is made possible", external speaker Webster Ku from Light House Learning Group (LHLG) gave alot of helpful information regarding useful methods to increase your learning ability and much more. A take a home message from this session is "JUST DWIT" : Just Do Whatever It Takes! ;)
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Local Commitee Day

30th November the day that main campus met with Engineering campus. A day in the sun and fun with sand at Penang Water Sports Centre lead to unforgettable memories!

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#Press Play

Main Campus: EP LEAD Programme Outgoing Preparation Seminar

Finally our EP LEAD Programme is officially ended!
Hopefully, all the life-changers are mentally and physically well prepared for your life changing experience!

“And that is how change happens. One gesture. One person. One moment at a time.”
– Libba Bray

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Penang Youth to Business Forum (PY2B)

On the 6th of December 2014, the 2nd Penang Youth to Business Forum took place. It was definitely a worthy experience with many new knowledge and insights being served to the plenary. With Teach For Malaysia, Intel, Vitrox, Dell and MaGIC joining us for a workshop, I'm sure that the newly gained experiences and ideas have given us all a thought about the future generation and the development in Asia Pacific through collaboration. Let us together work towards a better future!
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Asia Pacific Leadership Summit 2014

124 delegates, 22 countries across Asia Pacific, all travelling to one destination with the same purpose: Fulfillment of Humankind's potential. One of the most powerful AIESEC conferences filled with many bright, young, ambitious, extremely passionate and dedicated young leaders that want to change the world. Let's look back on their journey!


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Ong Ju Kit : Assistant Chief Delegate MyLDS 2015

Passing selection and taking up the position as an assistant chief delegate (ACD) of LC USM can be considered as the first major role I endeavoured ever since I embarked on this exacting but nothing short of thrilling and unique AIESEC journey. Post MyLDS syndrome struck deep inside me at the very moment I stepped out of Penang International Airport. How does post MyLDS syndrome actually feel like? It’s difficult to describe it in actual words but one thing for sure, you will begin to question yourself a lot more than you used to. I guess this is one of the greatness and the power of AIESEC to leave ever lasting impact on people. If a person is without continual self-reflection from time to time, ones will experience stunted learning curve and grew complacent in their comfort zones over time. Questions began to emerge in my mind. Was it worth it after all? Is this really what you want to do with your university life? Do you have what it takes to ascend to the next level? I hate to admit it but such questions kept pounding my mind for the remainder of the semester break.

Now I begin to realise why there will be a portion of fresh AIESECers begin to drop off the grid after experiencing MyLDS whilst some will grasp the opportunity and eventually soar to become the new generation of leaders in AIESEC. One thing for certain, AIESEC is not tailored for everyone but I can assure you that you will always have some invaluable experiences to gain if you have the courage to undertake an AIESEC journey. I have seen it myself the constructive changes in my friends and fellow comrades in CD Team as well as experiencing first-hand the impact it instilled. Some have the bravery to stand in front of a large audience to do sharing, some have the ability to think big and work smart while some were able to coordinate team and etc. Through mere observation, the impacts it left among my friends during MyLDS were inspiring enough to conclude that all the sacrifices made and the efforts poured into were worthwhile. All those adrenaline rushing moments dealing with deadline after deadline, crisis after crisis under deprivation of rest and sleep with the CD Team had not diminish our will to strive for excellence but it had made us to put aside our differences and bound us together. It eventually shaped us into masters of multitasking and crisis management. It had taught us to lead by passion and inspire through action.

Yes, it is worth it after all and this is what I really want to do with my university life. I do not wish just to indulge myself with self-development, I believe AIESEC provides a platform for the youth to inspire each other and grow together to become future leaders. I want to be part of it; I want to impact youth in Penang.

“Leaders are made, they are not born. They are made by hard effort, which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile.” - Vince Lombardi

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