Got Milk

Love To PLay Basketball

Got Milk?

I love to play basketball and my favorite thing to do in basketball is the running when people don't listen but I still listen. My coach was good because I thought that I got a lot of playing time. What stunk was that I was only one inch shorter then the tallest person on my team.

Milk is really good for your bones to stay heathly and not break. You should always have 1-3 glasses a day to stay strong and to feel strong about yourself and your bones. No other beverage give you more complete nutrients than milk.

My family is really tall and my brother breaks his bones once a year. My mom was the Arrowhead coach and now I'm sad that she dosen't coach anymore. I am the tallest in my grade and I hope I'm always the tallest in my grade. My family and I love to play basketball and we are so intense in the sport.