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Why We Exist:

To prepare students academically, spiritually, emotionally, and socially for God's call on their lives. Take a moment to watch the following informational video compiled by the founding director, Paige Dees, about CLC or simply scroll down and read on....


What is CLC? And why do I need to know about it?

CLC stands for "Christian Learning Center". Newton County is excited to be kicking off a program that has been extremely successful in other counties, and it is geared toward public school students.

It is a Christ-Centered, nondenominational program aimed at teaching public school students biblical truth and life applications.

What makes it so special?
  • No cost to the student and no tax money is used

  • Works in cooperation with school administration and school policy (i.e. discipline, grading, attendance, academic honesty, etc.)

Through CLC classes, students are taught Christian concepts like honoring parents and respecting authority at all levels, purity before marriage, developing trust-bond friendships, living a life of integrity, and being a leader like Moses, Esther, David, Joshua, Nehemiah and Paul.

FAQ's For Those Who Want To Know More!

What is Released Time Religious Education?

Released Time Religious Education is a time set aside during the school day when students enrolled in the public schools are permitted by law to receive religious instruction as long as parents sign a permission form, the class meets off-campus, and no public funds are used to support the class. The principle is based on the constitutional right of parents to direct the religious education of their children.

Where are the classes held?

Classes usually meet at a church nearby the school where students can safely walk or be transported by bus.

Do programs exist in other areas?

YES!!!! Thousands of public school students across America are leaving school each day to attend Released Time Religious Education programs. Over 1,000 off-site classes are in operation, educating more than 250,000 public school students in 32 states. There are about 20 other Georgia programs in existence. Currently in Gwinnett County there are 10 schools that have a Released Time program.

Who funds the CLC?

The financial resources for each CLC come from generous benefactors including individuals, churches, foundations and businesses in that particular community. CLCs receive no money from the school, county or federal government.

Who runs the CLC?

Each CLC has a leadership team made up of people in the community.

What is taught?

NCCLC will offer the following classes:
Family, Community, and Careers - This course examines God’s plan for our lives and relationship, specifically outlining the top 4 priorities we should have, based upon Scripture. We will study eternal biblical principles for establishing a personal relationship with Christ (Priority 1), Understanding our roles within God’s design for our families (Priority 2), establishing trust-bond friendships and developing God-honoring courting or dating relationships in order to realize God’s plan for a lifelong mate (Priority 3), and finally understanding our individual spiritual gifts in order to use them in ministry for God’s glory (Priority 4).

Life Skills and Careers - This Course examines how to understand God’s will for our lives, careers, and ministries, specifically outlining how to make wise decisions when planning for college, pursuing a career, handling money, and leading in ministry, based upon Scripture.

Current Issues - This course examines how the truth of Scripture as it relates to the current issues facing society and the Church today. We will discover how worldviews are formed and what components make-up the framework of a worldview.

Comparative Religions - This course will examine the core beliefs, values, and worldviews of the major religions around the world, beginning with Christianity, which will be taught as absolute truth. We will conduct an in-depth study at the Christian Scriptures: how we got them, how we can know they are truth, and the history behind their preservation and translation.We offer the following classes on a rotating basis: New Testament Survey, Comparative Religions, Stories from the Old Testament, and Following Jesus.

How can I get involved?
  • You can like us on Facebook and share our page with others ...it will help us spread the word as easily as possible on any new developments
  • You can pray daily for this new Ministry in Newton County and for its potential to reach surrounding students
  • You can go here now and make a tax deductible donation to help see this program come to fruition in Newton County
  • You can contact Chad Caldwell (contact info provided below), Newton CLC's Director, to learn more about how you as an individual, church, or organization can learn more about this growing Ministry.

Who can attend the program?

Any high school student can take classes at the Newton County Christian Learning Center. The only requirement for taking any course offered by the CLC is a written permission from a parent or guardian.

And Finally....How is this program legal?

In 1952 the Supreme Court upheld Release Time Religious Education as being constitutional in all 50 states. Justice Williams O. Douglas, speaking for the majority, concluded that the first amendment prohibits governmental financing of religion or in taking religious instruction, it does not require the government to be hostile toward religion. So in 1952, the United States Supreme court approved Release Time Education.

We are excited! Are you? If you are, share this flyer with all of your friends and urge them to like our page on Facebook, where any new developments will be posted. Thanks for your prayers and support.

Contact Information

My name is Chad Caldwell and I am the newly appointed director of the Newton County Christian Learning Center. My wife, Lori and I are looking forward to seeing what God has in store. Jason & Paige Dees have built a great foundation for us to build upon, and we are really looking forward to what God is going to do through this new and vital ministry of Newton County. Please contact me if you would like to know more information about the Newton County CLC.

Please also be in prayer as we begin the first official class in January of 2014.