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February Newsletter

Kids Heart Challenge

On Tuesday, February 11th, the Kids Heart Challenge was held inside the gym. The kids got to go from station to station, including an obstacle course, basketball dribbling and shooting, long jump, Hoop Hop Showdown, and lastly, jump ropes and hula hoops. The school raised over $10,500.

The Rock 'N' Rope Warrior

David Fisher, aka 'The Rope Warrior' came to show the kids his world-recording jump roping skills. Fisher had set a world record for jumping while seated on the ground. To learn more about the Rope Warrior you can visit his site below.

Let's Taco 'bout Books

Mrs. Crary's 3rd grade class has worked super hard to complete their book reports on any book of their choice over the past month. Each of the students created a book talk on their own book report. You can hear more about the books they read and listen to their book talks through the link below.

The Little Hearts of the School

Valentine's Day Parties


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