Lifeboats 3

By Gwen and Madalynn

Purpose and Matierials

Our purpose is to see how many pennies can go into a 3cm dixie cup with 2 different liquids, Diet Dr.pepper, and saltwater. We will also do a new control to be sure we get the right information. There will be 3 trials and a mean. We used a dixie cup, a basin, Diet Dr.Pepper, salt, and water. Collecting Info: One penny weighs 2.5 grams. The basin will be half full, and the dixie cup will be 3cm tall.


  • 21 pennies in Diet Dr.pepper
  • 16 pennies in saltwater
  • 15 pennies in regular water


Diet Dr.Pepper's first trial had 13 then 14 then 13 so the mean was 13.3. The 3 at the end repeating. Then saltwater got all 14, and plain water got all 16's. So you can probably tell what the mean was there.


Our hypothesis for Dr.Pepper was incorrect, but the others for the most part still were pretty much correct, just 2 away from saltwater's and 1 from regular water. I learned there is a very small change in the number of pennies in diet Dr.Pepper and in saltwater. Still, if you want more pennies in a cup, use regular water, if you want a small amount of pennies, use Diet Dr.Pepper, and in between saltwater. What I would improve is the type of cup in the liquids. I still wonder what to do next, and why Diet Dr.Pepper held less then regular water and saltwater.