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MCE Staff Newsletter for Feb. 11, 2016

Curriculum Corner

-Be ready to discuss your Common Assessment data at PLC's next week!

-With all of the snow days it is so important to stay focused and use every minute to deliver instruction.

-You are all amazing teachers! Let me know what you need!

Dandy Dates!

Monday, Feb. 15

Presidents' Day/Contract Day

Breakout Sessions/Conceptual Building Blocks

Tuesday, Feb. 16

MIDTERMS for 3rd Nine Weeks going home

ARC Ms. Caldwell/Mr. Zepf 9:20am

GOTR First Practice

Final Academic Team Practice

Wednesday, Feb. 17

ARC Mr. Gregg


Thursday, Feb. 18


Friday, Feb. 19

I Love to Read...Pajama Day!

ARC Mrs. Dunn/Mr. Zepf 9:20am

Midterms Heading Home on Tuesday, Feb. 16!

Counselor's Comments

We will get our results from our PBIS Walkthrough the first week in March. Thanks for preparing our kids for this.

Also, snow days will take the students and us out of our routines pretty quickly.

Don't hesitate to review these as needed both in the common areas and the classroom.

I Love To Read Month @ MCE...Thanks for using your Bingo Board activities to emphasize literacy.

Principal's Points





Winter weather is not our friend. Kids (and grownups!) need routine. We see you train, reteach, and train some more as we stop and start as snow interrupts our calendar.

Mr. Zepf referenced this in his section of Chat...and it is evident that many of you are really good at providing structure and redirection. We'll be feeling more of the time crunch as spring approaches.

Keep maximizing every part of the day to give kids what they need!

Facilities' Fast Facts

Our school construction project was approved tonight at the board meeting. Century Construction out of Erlanger will be leading our renovation.

In a few weeks, we will be given more details about construction timelines. I'll share those out as they come. Spring Break will be the start of some overhead work in the hallways. Next steps for us will be coming from Mr. Shipp and the architect...you'll get updates often.

Please add breakfast details for 1 and 2 hour delays to your classroom newsletter.

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Happy Valentine's to the very BEST Staff!

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