Daniel Martinez


Enjoying listening to Odd Future(OFWGKTA) is the best experience you can listen to.Odd Future is a group of crazy rappers.Listening to a collective like them gives you a unforgetible experience.You can just picture the scenary from each song in your head during a concert and you feel like you're living the song.


The experience that the beat gives you is on of a kind.its hard to explain how it sounds cause its really complicated.For example the first time you hear the beat and what it is based on you will be like im going to listen to these guys more often.At first you will be like in your mind, these guys are crazy but its a unforgatible experience.


The collective of Odd Future gives you a one of a kind unforgetible experience.


A lot of the Odd Future crew are rappers from Los Angeles,California. One of those rappers that created the crew called Tyler The Creator is the producer/main rapper of Odd Future.Most of the members of odd future are called Tyler The Creater,Hodgy Beats,Taco,Domo Genesis,Jasper,Earl Sweatshirt,Left Brain,MikeG,Frank Ocean,Lucas,and etc.The one that makes the beats and all sounds is named or called Syd The Kid a Dj for Odd Future. Most Of them are rappers,producers,or just members.Their Music was mostly getting known by 2009 to 2010.All of them are crazy and seem chill to hang out with.


The collective of Odd Future gives you a one of a kind unforgetible experience.OFWGKTA is one of the crew that is well know and famous for their incrediable music and known in more than 2 countries.I dont know what i would do with out listening to Odd Future.