We supply and carry out fitment of new Safety Systems (SLI/LMI) required for MATERIAL HANDLING EQUIPMENTS like Mobile Cranes, Tower Cranes, Forklift Trucks, Reach Stackers etc. and CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENTS like Excavators, Tippers, Dumpers etc.

We are the team of Engineers and Technicians backed up by 15 years of rich OEM experience of SAFETY SYSTEMS of Construction and Material Handling Equipments.

Our Safety System is suitable for any type of Cranes up to 250Ton capacity. This microprocessor based Safety system is a state of art and designed keeping in mind the cost and accuracy backed up with our expert engineers and technicians.

The details of our Safety System (SLI/LMI) is as per attached.

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1) Multipurpose applications.

2) Mobile Cranes Hydraulic / Lattice.

3) Container Handlers (Reach Stackers).

4) Forklifts.

5) Excavators.

6) Overhead Cranes.

7) Tower Cranes.


Power supply - Inputs ranging from 9 to 24VDC with crane voltage.

Display – Compact display unit continuous displays below parameters

1) Load on the hook.

2) Current capacity.

3) Operating radius/ Boom Angle/ Boom Length/ Boom tip height.

4) Current crane configuration.

5) Alert / Alarm Conditions.

6) System status.

Central Processor Unit – The CPU is remote mounted, provides all the voltages needed for

the sensors and display unit. This CPU processes the signals from

the sensors and feed to display unit to indicate required values and


Load Sensing - Pressure or load cell force sensing options.

Reeling drum – Reeling drum consists of boom length and angle sensor with boom length

cable. Boom length sensor and angle sensor gives signal to CPU.

Hoist rope reeving selection - Up to 50 parts of line, up to 5 parts on fly jib.

Anti-2-Block – System comes with the Anti-2-Block sensor.

Outputs – 1) Audio and video pre-warning of overload and overload cut-off.

2) Tare facility of lifted load readings.

Reliability,Features and Warranty.

Reliability - These units have proved to be reliable and easy to use. These SLI units are having optional data logging facilities- easily downloadable to laptop.

Features – 1) Easy Calibration without any special tools.

2) Low Cost.

3) Tracking and Monitoring of crane data by software.

4) Digital Indication of Load Moment.

5) Built in protection system for environmental impacts.

6) Pre-programming for all machine requirements.

7) Built in memory for retention of last crane parameters.

8) Accuracy +/- 1%.

9) Indigenously Manufactured.

10) Low cost of spares for future use.

11) Fastest delivery.

Warranty – One year warranty for the parts and workmanship against any manufacturing defects.