Mesopotamia is the Place to Live

By: Ryan Bennett and Carter Sternitzke

Here we are known as "the land between two rivers". The two river names are Tigris, and Euphrates. We worship seven gods, the moon god Nanna lives in the Ziggurat. We have great soil to grow crops, we are polytheist because we believe in seven gods. We invented the wheel to move things easier. We use Cuneiform to write, we write on clay tablets with a sharp object that makes an indent in the clay. We invented the wooden plow, first library, calendar, potters wheel, and the sailboat.

This is What Makes our City Great

We are a city-state, we are an empire, the Babylon Empire. We traded in caravans as far as Egypt. We have an upper class, we have a middle class, and a lower class. You are guaranteed to be in the middle class or higher if you don't steal or pay your dept. This is a great economy and social structure so you can live life happily.

Party at Mesopotamia!

Tuesday, Sep. 22nd, 9pm

Ziggurat of Ur, Nassriya, Dhī Qār, Iraq

Dhī Qār

It is going to be held at the Ziggurat next Saturday we can't wait to see you at the party.