Wrigley Gum

By: Marcus Wilburn


Would you like to know the history of that sweet blast of sugar when you chew Wrigley's gum? First, a boy named William Wrigley had a dad, his dad sold soap. One day William got in big trouble at school and didn't want to confront what he did, so he ran away to the harsh streets of New York. It was so harsh he decided to go back home. When, he got home he was in real trouble and his dad made him work at his factory, he enjoyed working but he only made one dollar a week. He worked there until he was about 20 years of age, then he quit and moved to Chicago, while he was there his Uncle gave him a loan of 5,000 dollars. Then, he used the money to open up a factory like his dad.


Secondly, When he first started his factory he sold soap just like his dad. They didn't get much in sales. Now he decided to sell baking soda, this was a big start for his factory. Next, he decided to sell gum and it was a huge hit. It was like he was meant to sell gum, he sold spearmint gum first. It is much better now he has a lot more flavors such as Juicy Fruit, Double Mint, Big Red, all the 5 gum, Orbit, Air Waves, and all the Extra gum.


The impact it made was giant. Back then gum wasn't popular, then when he sold it everyone liked the taste that no other had. Also people didn't care about gum, Everyone enjoyed his flavors, and He was a best selling factory. Without his effort we probably wouldn't have gum anymore.

Specific Person/People

William Wrigley was motivated by his father and wanted a factory just like his dad. William liked baseball and sponsored for the Cubs. He was so into baseball that he had a baseball field named Wrigley Field. Sadly, he got sick and passed on the date of January 26, 1932 at the age of 70. His factory was passed down to his son Philip K. Wrigley, who died on the date of April 12, 1977.


It is still here today, His best selling product is gum. Also he earned a lot of money off of gum. His 5 gum was marketed with loaded words like NEW! and long lasting flavors. His product was a big part in this world, we wouldn't have such awesome gum without him.
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