Whiton Winner Gazette

Keeping you in the loop!


Reading: We have read a variety of picture books to establish a strong classroom community, such as Chowder, The Recess Queen, and Enemy Pie. We also have read some powerful books to model metacognition: when brains and books collide! The result is REAL reading. The class came up with great thinking stems about the powerful stories, Thank You, Mr. Falker and Junkyard Wonders. We are continuing to create readers thoughts to develop an understanding of thinking about what we read!

Math: We are in the midst of Unit 1, which is a review of concepts, such as number sequences, analyzing data, finding differences, and money.

Science- Our incubator and eggs arrive next week! We are very egg-cited to learn all about the life cycle and see it first hand! We will be learning a plethora of chick vocabulary along the way.

Writing- We have learned the importance of publishing with pride! We have created a bio poem and a detailed name acrostic. We are researching the origin and history of our names and writing acrostic poems. We also are going to learn how to write sophisticated sentences, using punctuation, capitalization, and the power of 3. The children had a great time learning about the power of 3, which means adding 3 details to our writing using commas.

Quiz Me Questions!

1) What does metacognition mean?

2) What is the Power of 3?

3) What is a bucket filler? What is a bucket dipper?