Computer rules

by: Jasan M 8R

Do Not Access or publish illegal or inappropriate materials

You shouldn't be publishing any inappropriate materials because then you will get suspended for 3 days or more and have a talk with Mrs. Weibe or Mr. Hendricks. It'll probably ruin your reputation and your parents are going to be shocked. Also no one will ever talk to you. So if you think that I do this I'll be cool... NO YOU WON'T just like if you smoke you will not be cool.

Do not reveal passwords or private information.

You shouldn't be doing this because if you reveal you passwords people who you gave it to will probably go on that account and do stuff you didn't even think about. Secondly, keep private information private because once you reveal it will spread in one blink of an eye. And sooner or later everything of yours will be ruined and rumors will start.

The school "User Agreement" must be signed by student and guardian.

This is very important to be signed because once you sign this. It means that you have agreed to not harm the computers in any way and if you do then you will have to pay a fine or deal with the consequences.

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School technology systems aren't private or confidential. Staff may monitor, access or remove user files.

This means that is you think that if you do anything inappropriate and then you delete it . It will still be in your history and the IT teacher has access to your account because he created your account and can login and see what you were doing.

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Do not breach security systems or vandalize equipment

Once you sign all the forms and you have agreed to not do anything that would harm the computers. You shouldn't ever try to hack the computers because you aren't in IT class for doing that kind of stuff, you are there for learning more about computers. And even if you try do it and you accomplish ti you will get caught sooner or later.

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