Fight For Independence

In support of American Colonist

Causes of Revolution

The French and Indian War- After this war the British were in serious debt and taxed the American colonies with the Stamp act, which the colonist were not so happy about.

The Stamp Act- This was a tax placed upon the colonies by the British Parliament to help pay the war debt. This act forced colonist to pay taxes on printed documents, licenses, and other paper products. This made colonist upset so the rebelled because they felt they were being taxed without representation.

The Townshend Acts- After British Parliament repealed the Stamp act because of their rebellion they implemented the Townshend Acts. The Townshend Acts added more taxes the colonist had to pay, now they were required to pay taxes on glass, paper, lead, paint and tea. By this time the colonist were highly upset with Great Britain.

The Boston Massacre- Some colonist in Boston were protest of they new taxes enforced on them when British soldiers opened fire killing several of them. This event increased tension between Great Britain and the American colonies.

The Boston Tea Party- After British Parliament repeal all the taxes except for the tax on tea colonist were still unhappy. In protest of the tax on tea several colonist got together and dumped three shipments of tea into the Boston Harbor.

The Intolerable Acts- In response to the Boston Tea Party British Parliament implemented the Intolerable acts as sort of a punishment. These acts pushed some colonist to the edge pushing some of them to be in support of the revolution.

The First and Second Continental Congress- The first congress met in response to the Intolerable acts, the congress consisted of representatives from the colonies. In the first meeting the Declaration of rights was drafted and they decided to boycott all British Goods. In the second meeting the Declaration of Independence was drafted and sent to Britain declaring the colonies Independence.

Thomas Paine and Common Sense- Thomas Paine was a man who wrote a very inspirational pamphlet titled Common Sense. This famous pamphlet influenced some colonist to support the ongoing revolution.

- All of these events, acts, and people discussed above highly contributed to the American revolution and all support the colonist motive for seeking Independence.

From a Colonist Perspective

"We were being taxed without representation, and controlled without considerations to our rights. And the Intolerable acts are simply ridiculous, Quarter the enemy?...... I THINK NOT! Living under a government that practices salutary neglect to govern the colonies is fine, but when that government starts butting in after years of neglect just to tax, we have a problem. This goes to prove that they don't really care about us; and never have, all they care about are their financial gains from theses thirteen colonies. So if your asking me if i'm pro revolution......HECK YEAH!!"

My Beliefs

Personally I believe that the American colonist had been through more than enough with Britain and it was time for a change. I think the best thing for them was to claim their independence and live on their own just like they were before the British tried to tax them. Britain never should have taken the rights of the colonist and done whatever they want by implementing Intolerable acts and taxing them without a say in government. Since Great Britain heavily practiced salutary neglect i'm surprised that the colonies didn't make an attempt to separate and seek independence before the French and Indian War. If you ask me the American colonies had every right and very plausible reasons to seek independence from Britain and i'm so glad they succeeded.