Specific skills

These are specific skills that jobs will want and look for. Some of these things can be:

-Health skills(such as CPR)

-Job specific for that certain job (computing, engineering...)

-Planning skills

-Organisation skills

Jobs will need to look for certain attributes that are suited for certain jobs like a [programming you would have to have programming skills, because if you get a job in health and have no health skills or something like that then you'll be useless.

General Attributes

General attributes are skills that skills that you believe you have normally. Things you have been brought up with like:

-Maths Skills

-English skills

-Good general Knowledge

-Team leader qualities

-Works well in team

The definition of this is The skills used by a person to properly interact with others. In the business domain, the term generally refers to an employee's ability to get along with others while getting the job done.


Attitudes is a settled way of thinking or feeling about something. This is very similar to general skills. Qualities you think you have like:

-Hard working






These are all qualities needed and looked for when trying to get jobs. Attributes are usually one of the main qualities that job interviewers and bosses look for. These are usually acquired from how you are raised because if you are introduced to a lot of people and will generally be friendly and good at communicating.

Principles of Effective Communication

General Communication Skills

The definition of communication is Communication is simply the act of transferring information from one place to another. This sounds very simple but their are many different factors to include such as pretty much everything in this newsletter. All these contribute to your communication skills. This includes , written work, body language, pitch, tone, volume, effective speaking, interpersonal skills and your education. These can all contribute to how good you are at communicating. I will be writing about most off these individually and tell you how they effect your communication.

Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are skills used on a day to day basis between two people talking face to face. These include verbal communication, effective speaking, personal presentation, non-verbal communication and personal appearance. Personal appearance will show if you are well presented then you will come across as if you care about yourself and you're appearance. Effective speaking is where you talk, this includes rhetorical questions, alliteration, tone, pitch, volume and a few other factors like this. Non verbal communication is your body language and how you move whilst talking. If you are stood rubbing your hands together and looking at the ground then it will give off the impression that you are nervous and doubting yourself where as if you are standing up tall looking open and confident then it will give off the impression that you are, this will also make the person you're communicating with believe in you because you look so confident. Verbal communication is very similar to effective speaking, this is basically just vocabulary, pitch, tone, volume and techniques like rhetorical questions.

Communicating in writing

Communication in writing is very important. This includes all different sorts of factors. This can be grammar, writing techniques, relevance, use of emotions, layout, letters and a few more factors like the ones above. The grammar and vocabulary shows how well your education is. This can show people that you are smart and know a lot about what your writing about. The relevance is also very important because if you start talking about something totally random then it will give the influence to the reader that you don't have a clue what you're on about whereas if you are writing about something totally relevant then it will show that you are quite clever and know what you're talking about and why you're talking about it. The use of emotions shows how strong your feelings are towards certain things, if you're angry' happy, sad or if you actually have feelings towards the thing that is getting written. Writing techniques also show how well you're English skills are and how well educated you are. Letters and the layout of the writing implies if you have good general knowledge because writing letters and the layout of you're writing shows if you know the basic writing layouts such as, articles, letters, newsletters and also if you know about columns, paragraphs and sentences. These are all writing communications skills that are very important and valuable. Personal presentation is like a merge of body language and

Barriers to Effective Communication

When communicating there can be barriers that stop or influence the way you talk or act, These can be all sorts of things from background noise, distractions, physical barriers, location,lack of concentration and personal problems. I will explain in detail how these can distract you and make a barrier when communicating.

Background noise

Background noise can be a very distracting factor. This could annoy or distract you when trying to think or talk because if you try and talk and then it makes some noise it would stop you from talking and frustrate you. It would also cause you to shout or talk louder which could effect your language skills like pitch and tone of voice. To solve problems like this you would just need to stop the if possible if it is like a kettle, microwave or a door banging. However if it is something you can't stop then you simply have to move to another room or place.


Distractions is very similar to background noise because it's something simple in the room or area that you are focusing on instead of the communicator. This can cause you to think about other things, confused and could possibly annoy and frustrate the other person. To get past this barrier you need to move somewhere where there are no distractions.

Physical Barriers

These can vary from a range of things like a wall, window, table or other people. This can make you feel like there is something between you and that they're not interested or listening. This problem is very simple and can be solved by just moving into an open room or space together where there's nothing between you.


The location is just a place that could have all of the other barriers so when talking in a location it must have no physical barriers, background noise, distractions or where you can think straight.

Lack of Concentration

A lack of concentration when communicating will end in you not listening which will mean you cant contribute back to the conversation, you also wont be able to understand what the other person is talking about. This will make you get confused to the point where the other person will just get annoyed by you not understanding. To get past this then you just to concentrate and forget about everything else so you only focus on the communicator and nothing in the background that could distract you. This will allow your communication skills to improve because you are listening properly.

Personal Problems

Personal problems can range from all sorts of things from deaths, arguments and other things like these. This will cause you to be distracted, which could mean that you aren't concentrating which will stop you contributing to the conversation. This could also cause you to take your feelings out on them which could end in shouting, fights and you not getting talked to any more. Ways to get over this is by solving your personal problems or put them behind and forget about them whilst communicating.