By Anish Devineni

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Push Factors

  • WWI and WWII
  • Rice market collapsed
  • Immigration for labor
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Pull factors

  • Chinese exclusion act of 1882
  • Rice market
  • Higher wages
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A dish where raw seafood or any type of meat or even fruits are eaten with rice.


A vegetarian type of curd made from soybeans.


A dish of seafood and meat that is deep fried

Hirohito- Japanese Emperor

He was the emperor of Japan during WWII.

Akihito- Japanese Emperor

Akihito is the current emperor of Japan.

Kichimatsu Kishi

Kishi was Japanese farmer and agriculture worker who created one of the first Japanese based settlements in Texas.

Japanese cultural highlights

  • Tea ceremony
  • Japanese gardens
  • Cherry blossom festivals
  • Caligraphy

Influences on Texas

  • Agriculture (rice)
  • Companies and Industries
  • Food/Cuisine

IS texas better off with immigrants?

Yes. My Reasons?

  • Diversity
  • Professions
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