Soar to Convention in 2014!!


  1. Caroline Alger, ETL - 14,065 points - Winner of Convention Ticket, Warehouse Tour and round-trip airfare!!
  2. Kate Lucas, STL - 10,143 points - Winner of Convention Ticket & Warehouse Tour!
  3. Stefanie Martin, TL - 8,779 points - Winner of Convention Ticket & Warehouse Tour!

Earn your way to Convention!!! HoOt! HoOt!

I have THREE tickets to the O2 Experience in Phoenix, Arizona this July to give away!! AND one round trip airfare!

(For those that received this incentive in early February, I realized after speaking with a couple leaders that I needed to change the rules for earning the prizes...sooo here it is....)

Here's the details!!! WOOHOO!!

Starting March 1, 2014....ending May 31, 2014.

Earn 1 point for every dollar in Personal Volume.

Earn 100 points for each new Team Member you Mentor.

Earn 100 points for promoting to Leading Designer.

Earn 150 points for promoting to Team Leader.

Earn 200 points for promoting to Senior Team Leader.

Earn 250 points for promoting to Executive Team Leader.

Earn 300 points for promoting to Director.


1st PRIZE: Convention ticket, Warehouse Tour and round trip airfare

2nd PRIZE: Convention ticket and Warehouse Tour

3rd PRIZE: Convention ticket
and Warehouse Tour

But what if I already have my ticket and airfare???

I suggest blessing one of your team members or another designer you would love to have there with you!

Rules: Starting ranks are determined on March 1st, 2014. Convention tickets will be transferred to winning (or gifted) designer's name no later than June 15, 2014. Convention tickets will be transferred after winning (or gifted) designers provide airfare and hotel accommodation confirmations. Accumulate personal volume sales starting from March 1, 2014 until May 31, 2014. Airfare credit will be awarded based on flights available at that time from an airport closest to designer's home and not to exceed $500 (excess will be winning designer's responsibility). Only designers appearing on Julie Wishard's first, second and third Line are eligible for this promotion.

Questions? Contact Julie Wishard 301-824-5333 or

Want to know more about the O2 Experience??

Visit for details!