Dating Violence

Tell or Don't Tell?

 You shouldn’t be ashamed, it definitely not your fault. Some girls are frightened about what would happen if they told someone about their abusive boyfriend. Many girls don’t realize it’s the best choice they could ever make.

Don't Be Afraid

 ¼ teens between ages 12-21 admit they’ve experienced dating violence before. Girls are ashamed to tell anyone about it and just assume it will get better when really it’s the other way around. The longer someone waits to get help and out of the relationship the more comfortable their abuser gets with abusing them. The first step is talking to someone about it and getting the confidence you need to hopefully end your relationship and get out of the terrible situation.

It's Not Just Physical Abuse

   There’s more than just physical abuse that occurs, it can occur over the internet, or in this case for a 22 year old woman, text. A woman’s ex-boyfriend was harassing her over text with very disturbing messages. The woman never went to the police about the texts until it too late. She was killed by the insane ex-boyfriend, it’s terrible because it could’ve possibly prevented if she had told someone about her issue.

It Happens To Everyone

 Abuse is a serious matter that should not be over looked. Even the famous Rhianna let her abuse from Chris Brown go on for too long. She never told anyone or attempted to end the relationship and was severely injured by Chris Brown.

It's Never Okay

  “I can see why people would think that’s ‘normal’, look at our videos, look at what we’re inducted with.’’ Said Raynell Vesselles, a counselor from Essex High School in Tappahnock. Although, modern day society does it seem more normal that it ever should, it’s obviously not. No one should ever say it normal. That only makes a victim feel even more afraid to tell someone about her abuse. What kind of person would say it’s okay to seriously hurt the other person in the relationship? I would hope no one, and if you’re the victim you should not be ashamed, it’s not normal and defiantly not okay.

Don't Be Ashamed to Get Some Help

 Teens, or really any person shouldn’t shy away notifying a person if they’re being abused, whether it’s physical or even over text messages. People often let it go on for too long to the point of it becoming very dangerous. It’s no small issue and could happen to anyone. Just remember, the absolute best thing to do is open up and get help.

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