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October 2, 2015


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  • Saturday, October 3- Georgia vs. Alabama @ Sanford Stadium- 3:30pm on CBS
  • Tuesday, October 6- LA/SC Interim/ DA
  • Wednesday, October 7- MA/SS Interim/ DA
  • Thursday, October 8- 90 Minute PLC
  • Thursday, October 8- Culligan Team Field Trip to Dahlonega
  • Thursday, October 8- Discovery HS- JA Finance Park Site Visit- Linton Team
  • Friday, October 9- Warner Team Field Trip to Dahlonega
  • Friday, October 9- Discovery HS- JA Finance Park Site Visit- Culligan Team
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  • The visitors we had this week bragged on our school! Dr. Tatum, our biggest fan, enjoyed going into the classrooms of April Coston, Kaylee Buschell, Jacob Bennett, Tracy Senker, and Emma Harris! Additionally, Mrs. Mitchell enjoyed being in the classrooms of Eric Morrow, Jane Kenyon, Onika St. James, and Jacob Bennett. She also enjoyed seeing our collaboration during 7th grade PLCs!
  • Reach Higher Week was unbelievable!!! The spirit in the building--and the decorations was incredible. Have you read the college stories on Connecting Blvd? Have you checked out the QR codes! Kudos to Laura Ross and Rachel Kusher for putting together such an informative/fun week for all of us!

Let's Get Ready to RUMBLE... eCLASS Style!

Starting in October we are going to run a monthly contest to reward those teachers who are really going above and beyond in using eClass with their students. Each week we are sent a spreadsheet that shows the number of log ins a teacher has had for the week as well as the number of minutes they spend in eClass to prepare their students for the highest level of learning. For the week ending 09/27, we had a total of 435 logins by teachers and a total of 6,235 minutes spent in the tool.

We will tabulate the numbers to see who not only has the highest number of log ins each month, but also who spent the most time in the tool. We have some AWESOME prizes coming your way- new power point clickers, wireless dongles, and more! We will feature our winners here in the Buzz each week and on the morning announcements. Good luck!

COUNT ME IN AWARD... Dennis Turnham

Dennis is the hardest working retired teacher I know! Dennis is a part-time teacher and full-time volunteer! Even though Dennis retired last year, he is working this year as a part-time special education teacher just so he can stay involved at Five Forks. I have seen Dennis working in various classrooms to fill in for teachers whenever needed and offering his expertise in the areas of science and math. Dennis is willing to do whatever is needed whether it involves testing students or helping out in the office. He puts in countless hours above his part-time schedule in addition to coaching the Scholars Bowl team. Dennis is one of those self-less people who puts the needs of others first. Thank you Dennis for all you do at Five Forks!
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Advisor of the Month

Congratulation to Mrs. Kuny for being adviser of the month! A student nominated Mrs. Kuny and said "She constantly works hard and cares about us doing our best! She won a Starbucks gift card and some heartfelt cheers from her 6th grade students.
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STEAM Highlight

Dan the Fanatical Fossil Man was the special quest speaker in April Coston's 6th grade science class on Tuesday, September 29. The students focused on how fossils are the key to the Earth's past. The earliest fossil he brought was between 2.5 billion to 3 billion years old! The students were able to see, touch and ask him questions about his fossils. The fossils showed the students how organisms developed from simple into very complex creatures. The students had a lot of fun and learned a lot from his visit!


Watch this 3 minute clip on what PBL can look like in YOUR classroom.
Problem Solving Through Project-Based Learning (Danville High School, Danville, KY)


eClass Updates for October

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Who has a GAFE Classroom?

Be on the lookout for some signs out side of teachers' doors to let you know who has GONE GOOGLE!!!

Sarah Erickson is using Google Forms and embedding them in eClass!

Kim Rafferty is using Google Docs with her students to write essays!

Laura Ross is using Google Forms for surveys with her students!

Jane Kenyon is using Google Forms as a formative assessment!

Stephen Griffith is using Google Docs/ Slides for group projects!

Alexa Maring is using Google Forms!

Jacob Bennett is using Google Forms and Docs for Conferences and Parent Contact!

Google for Education Training

Every minute an educator spends on training should have an impact in the classroom.

The Google for Education Training Center offers in-depth training for educators at every level. Courses are self-paced, guided, and designed to address real classroom needs.

Go for an official Google certification to demonstrate their knowledge and join the ranks of Google educators around the world.



4- Jessica Smith

8- Pam Underwood

10- Zac Cogdill

12- Dennis Turnham

14- Scherrie Grim

14- Ellen Loving

17- Dan Vatlavec

18- Hazel Johnson

19- Jennifer Van Gorder

20- Ana Maria Ghulam

22- Kim Rafferty

25- Zoila Lopez

28- Kelly Branam

29- Stephanie Lacock

31- Gwen Johnson

31- Eric Morrow


Did you know that Mrs. Brown has started a Blog? Check out what is happening in our very own FFMS Media Center!


UGA: The English Bulldog with the droopy face has been Georgia’s official live mascot, born and raised by the Seiler family in Savannah, Ga. since 1956. After a game that season, coach Wally Butts asked Sonny Seiler if he could use the dog he brought with him to the stadium as Georgia’s mascot and he obliged. Nearing the 60-year mark, nine different dogs have carried the UGA name and all have earned their respective place in Georgia football lore.