Economic Discrimination

Deven Long

Economic Discrimination

Economic Discrimination is based on Economic factors.


Began in the British railway clauses consolidation act of 1845, which prohibited a common carrier from charging one person more for carrying freight than was charged to another customer for the same service.


College Discrimination: Poor student are the real victims.

The U.S. supreme court will decide whether to ban affirmative action policies at U.S. universities in Fisher vs Univ. Of Texas.

President Obama and Mitt Romney both promised to keep college loan rates low so more Americans could attend school. 79% of students born into the top income quartile in the U.S. obtain bachelors degrees, only 11% from the bottom quartile graduate from 4 year Univ.


Economic Discrimination started and has never stopped. It's something that will go on forever. There will always be disagreements with the events in society that people may not like and will try to change themselves.