Sammy Davis Jr.

Sammy Davis Jr. Was born on December 8, 1925, in New York. He grew up as a Puerto Rican Dancer. His Parents, Elvera Sanchez, and Sammy Davis Sr. were vaudevillians who danced with the Will Mastin Troupe. Sammy Jr. became the Mastin Troupe's youngest member at age three. He became a regular at age five and traveled with his father on the shrinking vaudeville circuit. Sammy Jr. was able to dance very quickly in a style called "flash dancing."By the time, he was eight years old he had appeared in two movies.

Sammy Jr.'s demanding schedule of travel, practice, and performances left little time for school. When he could afford it, his father hired tutors. But Sammy could not read much more than comic books until he grew up and joined the army. His bad childhood did provide him with important lessons. Sammy learned how to please an audience, how to tap dance like a pro, and how to move people and touch their hearts, Later on, he became a world famous Comedian, Acter, Singer, and Dancer.

Sammy was drafted into the U.S. Army in 1943 when he was eighteen. An African American Sargent taught Sammy how to read and write. Afterward, he befriended Sammy. He was often mistreated by fellow white troops and most of the time he shared living quarters with. After being transferred to an entertainment troop, Sammy eventually found himself performing in front of some of these same soldiers. He discovered that his energetic dancing and singing could make them see that everyone should be equals. Sammy went solo in 1950 After signing a recording agreement with Decca records. His first two Albums Starring Sammy Davis, Jr. and Just for Lovers, sold very well. Soon Sammy was a headliner in New York and a guest star on a lot of different T.V. Shows.

On November 19, 1954, Sammy almost lost his life in a car crash in the California Desert. The car crash caused him to lose his left eye and shatter his face. While recovering, he spent hours discussing philosophy with a rabbi, a Jewish spiritual leader. Shortly after he got out of the hospital he converted to Judaism.

He broke the interacial barrier when he married a Swedish actress named May Britt in 1960. Also stood with Martin Luther King Jr. He also refused to perform at clubs that had segregated audiences or that didn't let anyone but whites in. He wanted people, no matter what there skin color was to walk together in peace and harmony.

On May 16, 1990, in Beverly Hills California Sammy Davis Jr. died of throat cancer. He was a lifelong smoker. He achieved many things in his lifetime like becoming a world-famous performer and standing up for negro rights.