The Change School

2015 Change Programmes

Awakening Your Creative Giant

[23 APR – 28 APR 2015]

Feeling like you need a restart? Seeking inspiration for the year ahead?

This 5-day experience will awaken and exercise your creative and entrepreneurial mind. Each day will follow a distinct theme to form a more creative approach to visioning, creative thinking and entrepreneurship. ARE YOU READY?

Get Out of Your Head

[29 MAY – 4 JUNE 2015]

What do fear, vulnerability and habits all have in common? All three are key areas needing constant work and refining. Have you always wanted to break a habit? Are you working on courage and vulnerability? This programme is for you.

This 7-day experience is designed to help you kick bad habits, thrive in spite of fear and understand the importance of being vulnerable. Our interactive workshops and peer sessions will help you overcome challenges while creating space to make your change.

Culture Hack

[4 JUN – 8 JUN 2015]
How do you currently understand culture? What role does culture actually play in how we communicate, work and innovate?

This 5-day experience will look at the various facets of culture - tradition, philosophy, mindsets and behaviours - and how we understand the world. Globalisation has made cultural literacy more important than ever. Through interactions, experiences and dialogue we can find commonalities across borders and draw inspiration for new approaches to societal progress.

Productivity in the age of Mindfulness

[11 JUL - 17 JUL 2015]

So often we think of productivity in terms of work but how do we manage time and getting things done in both life and work?

This 7-day experience will expand your perspective and practice of productivity. Using tools and resources to do more with less, learn to stay on track and thrive in the world of go, go, go while remaining mindful of where you are and where you want to go.

Life by Numbers

[23 JUL - 26 JUL 2015]

Our life revolves around numbers and money is usually seen as a means to an end. We work to make ends meet, but how do we make the numbers work for the life we want? How do you stop being a slave to numbers?

This 4-day programme will teach you to work with numbers in a simple way, based on your personal desires and aspirations. Gain bite-size knowledge to help you model and plan your personal and/or business financials to achieve your lifestyle goals.

Amplified Consciousness

[7 AUG - 16 AUG 2015]

In a world of endless possibilities, how do we maintain a sense of identity and place? How do you create healthy boundaries in personal and professional relationships? How much do you compromise without sacrificing your direction?

This 10-day experience will help you identify the competencies you need to overcome challenges with emotional confidence. Through greater situational and self-awareness, you'll learn to build capacities through new skills, experiences and opportunities - a critical process for personal, organisational and institutional growth.

Change Ventures

[OCT 2015]

Our Signature Programme Change Ventures is a 21-day immersive experience designed to create the foundations for growth, movement and transition personally and professionally. Hosted in Bali once a year, we curate a mix of students, experiences, peer sessions and inspirational speakers and practitioners to help individuals reassess their lives and design the roadmap to where they want to be.