A Bastard Out of Carolina

Short Story


Exposition- Her mom caught her stealing

Rising Action- The mother told stories about her uncle stealing

Climax- Main character returns candy to the store

Falling Action- Girl cries because she knows that what she has done is wrong

Resolution- The girl learns from her mistake and knows that stealing is bad

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Theme/ Characterization

The theme of this story is that stealing is bad. I think this is the theme because the girl realizes that she did something wrong, and she is very upset along with her mother. She is characterized because she feels guilty and upset for stealing.

Major Conflict

I think the major conflict is that she started stealing from the local store, after her mother told her not to. Both the girl and her mother know that stealing is bad and that she made a mistake.
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Literary device: Foreshadowing

When the mother talks about stealing, this foreshadows that the girl might start to steal.

Why should you read it?

This is an enjoyable story to read because it has a great plot line, as well as a very strong message. It really explains the moral of doing something wrong, when you know that it is wrong.
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