Accelerated Geometry

Algebra topics from last year

We will spend the first 5 days of school reviewing 4 units that you learned last year in Algebra. Because those topics are last year's curriculum, those topics are not covered in your textbook. Those four topics will be covered on your EOCA (Milestone) in December. So it is very important that you master those concepts. We have uploaded PowerPoint presentations & practice worksheets to the D2L platform for you to view on MY eCLASS. Use these resources to start preparing for your test on Wednesday, August 19. In addition, we have compiled several teaching videos/learning modules to help you. Some of the learning modules below have practice problems you can complete online. If you are struggling with a particular topic, check out one of the videos below.


Your FIRST TEST is on Wednesday, August 19!!! Work PRACTICE PROBLEMS to be well prepared!