Code of Ethics

By austin woods


Handling shoplifters

If there is an instance where someone shoplifts all you can do is attempt to stop them from leaving the store and call the police.

Employee theft

If you sere another employee steal merchandise tell your manager or the owner.

Handling cash and checks

When handling cash and checks make sure to be honest and always true with the money.

Accounting procedures

Count the money and make sure to be honest with all the numbers.

Merchandise return policy

In the school store there is no merchandise return unless its pretzels and there under cooked or something.

Negotiating prices

Within most business there are set prices and no reason to negotiate. but in some there are, just make sure you will make profit on whatever deal is made.

Keeping store clean and free of bacteria

Keep store nice and tidy so no bugs or mice try and take over the store.

Selling damaged merchandise

Do not try and sell anything that is damaged or compromised.

Accepting gifts from suppliers

Accepting gifts from suppliers are acceptable in some cases and not in others.

Handling employee performance issues

Tell a manager or your boss your concerns do not take it up with the person because that could cause unnecessary issues.