By: Zoe Bohensky

Tigers for Kids: Learn All About Tigers - FreeSchool

Types of Tiger

You're walking out in the jungle when something with stripes catches your eye, a tiger! There are five different special types of tiger. The Bengal tiger, the Siberian tiger, the Indochinese tiger, the South China tiger, and the Sumatran tiger. The smallest tiger is the Sumatran tiger. They live in the south in the tropics. The biggest tiger is the Siberian tiger. They live far north of Russia. The farther north the tiger is, the bigger!

Tigers life cycle

You may be wondering what a tiger's life cycle is. I shall tell you. First the baby born blind. The baby's mother protects the baby. She does this because it cannot protect or defend it self. The baby weighs 2-3 pounds and the cubs begin to mew. Two months pass and the mother leads the cubs away from their den. She takes the cubs to a nearby kill to eat meat for the first time. For many months the mother takes the babies there to eat, play, and explore the kill. Six months pass and the mother takes the cubs on their first hunt. A year passes and the cubs get independent and hunt on their own without their mother. Now the cubs at age two or three, leave and make their own territory. The female cubs make their own territory near their mother. All female tigers live near each other. They may be daughters, sisters, aunts, or cousins if their territory is near each other. You may be wondering where the male cubs went. The male cubs move far away from their mother so they don't mate with their relatives.

Tiger Vs. Lion

You may also may be thinking, whats so different about a tiger from a lion? There are a lot of differences and similarities. I shall tell them to you. Tigers have stripes and lions have a solid tan color. Lions also have a mane and tigers do not. Lions also live in groups. Tigers live and hunt alone. Female tigers also stay away from males but only to mate do the females go near males. Female lions live with other females and males. Also it is not usual for male lions to kill the cubs when they join a group. Male tigers also kill tiger cubs but the female stay away from them. The similarities are they both in the cat family, or feline. They give birth to live cubs and have multiple cubs at a time. They are also mammals and are carnivores.


There's a problem. A BIG problem. Tigers are going extinct. There are only 5-7 thousand left in the world. i know that sounds like a lot, but eighty years ago there were 100,000 tigers in the world, and that's all because of humans. Humans are killing tigers for their skin and bones. It is outlawed now, but poachers are still killing them. Humans also kill the animals that they eat so they get hungry. When they get hungry they search for food and when they can't find any, they kill the human's farm animals. The humans get mad and kill the tigers. Humans also make medicine from the tiger bones, but are trying to find a substitute. Humans are also trying to save the forests, because of this, tigers are making a small comeback! If humans around the world work together to save the tigers, they might make it, but we have to act now, time is slowly running out.

Males moving away from his mother

Do ever wonder what happens when a male tiger when his mother? If you do wonder, I will tell you. The male tiger cubs [when they get old enough] makes his territory far away from his birth area. He might have to move to an area with less trees around it. Sometimes this happens, an old male is dieing. A young male walks by and notices that the old male isn't marking his territory. Cautiously, the young male enters when he is sure he can chase off, or the old male dies, he moves in permanently. He lives in his new territory for about fourteen years until he too, is replaced by a younger male.