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April 2021

From the Department

Spring Forward

Dear Spartan Community,

We hope you had a wonderful Spring Break! It is the time of year when flowers bloom, trees begin to bud, and our clocks spring forward. Spring represents new beginnings. As we transition into full-time in-person learning with new schedules and routines, we hope you can reflect on the growth that has occurred and the beauty of what is yet to come.

With Love,

The Student Support Services Department

Guidance and Social-Emotional Learning

Helen Morgan School

For April, we are focusing on the character trait, SELF-DISCIPLINE. Our theme for Choose Love is COMPASSION IN ACTION. In small groups, the focus is PROBLEM-SOLVING which is from the Second Step Program.

A huge shout out to the HMS team for creating our Good Attitude Tree bulletin board! The bulletin board mirrors our One Book, One School Wishtree theme we had in March.

The Good Attitude Tree: Attitudes can change throughout your day. If you find yourself needing a new attitude during the day or maybe just a reminder of how many good attitudes there are, feel free to pick yourself a new attitude from our Good Attitude Tree.

Mohawk Avenue School

Thank you to Ms. Parson's class for introducing and teaching us about being honest for March! This month we are going to focus on SELF-DISCIPLINE. Please remember to wear black on Friday, April 30, for our assembly.

Virtual Recess has started! Students who are ALL VIRTUAL can access virtual Recess once a week through the Virtual Recess Google Classroom invite. The schedule is listed in google classroom, but please reach out to Mrs. Szatkiewicz with questions.

April is Autism Awareness Month. It can be difficult for children to understand when they witness their peers, family members, or strangers who struggle to communicate verbally or interact socially. Opening up the conversation with your children about autism can bring clarity, increase compassion for others and help them respect the differences of others. For more information about autism to explore with your family, click here.

We are moving into our last unit in the Choose Love Movement: Compassion in Action. Compassion has two components: Empathy, which means putting yourself in someone else's shoes and trying to feel what that person feels. The second is action, which means helping someone in need and performing acts of kindness without expecting anything in return. Click here to practice the Compassion Breath or download the Compassion in Action Calendar to work on with your family!

The Transition Back

Educator and Family Resources

It has been more than a year since the pandemic began and full-time in-person instruction came to a screeching halt. Our families, educators, and students have had to adjust to remote instruction, hybrid instruction, and various schedules throughout this time. Our community has shown tremendous resiliency and strength. You all are superheroes!

Finally, the time has come to begin the transition into full-time in-person instruction! How exciting! Although the change to full-time in-person instruction is the "norm" for our school community, it may take some time to adjust. Below, we have provided several resources that focus on this transition for educators, students, and families.

Transition Resources

Transitioning Back to In-Person School: This article addresses some of the challenges of transitioning back to in-person learning and provides practical tips.

5 Tips for a More Efficient Transition from Virtual to In-Person Teaching: This article provides five strategies for effectively planning for the transition from virtual to in-person teaching.

Students Need Emotional Support When Returning to School in Person. Here's How: This article provides six ways for schools to prioritize Social-Emotional Learning when returning to school.

4 Strategies for the Transition Back to In-Person Learning: This article provides four strategies to support students' social and emotional well-being during the transition from online to in-person learning. Each strategy is tied to core SEL competencies from the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL).

Back to School Resources for Families and Educators: The Child Mind Institute provides resources for parents and educators to support with the transition to in-person learning.

Back to School Planning: Checklists to Guide Parents, Guardians, and Caregivers: The CDC has created a checklist and resources to help with ongoing planning for the 2020-2021 school year. The site provides both in-person and virtual/at-home learning checklists.

Sparta Education Foundation

The Sparta Education Foundation (SEA) is looking for volunteers! To learn more about their initiatives and work within the school community, please view their informational video or their website.
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