May 2016 Newsletter

Harting Nation

We are into MAY and our team is ON FIRE!!! We had a stellar April and it is exploding into May already!!! Have you set your goals for May? Have you booked your calendar? This is a month to OVERBOOK your calendar and push yourself!!! This business runs on a 90 day cycle and you will see your efforts show up BIG in a few months! So KEEP ON GOING & staying CONSISTENT even when you don't feel like it's working!!! Because it is!!!


It is soooo important to plug in and protect your mindset (more on that below).

Austin Calendar:

1. May 17th @ 7pm- Discover Arbonne with Top Income Earner, ENVP Tarrah Brandsma! (DO NOT MISS THIS and you are going to want a car FULL of friends and prospects! Bring your spouse too - it's great for them to hear more and see the BIG VISION of this whole Arbonne thing!!!

Location: Sonesta Hotel

12525 Bee Cave Pkway, Bee Cave, TX 78738

Guests Free, Consultants $5, AMS/VPS $10

2. May 18th @ 7pm- StartNOW Training with NVP Suzy Harting

In person AND on ZOOM-

Location TBD

RSVP in advance to

SAVE THE DATE - Upcoming Harting Nation ZOOM Calls:

Monday, May 9th

Sunday, May 22nd

Sunday, June 12th

Sunday, June 26th

Without further ado, here is recognition from APRIL 2016:

In Qualification for District Manager

Set a goal to FINISH your qualification in May and earn the pay raise District gets. You can do this! Congratulations!!!

Gretchen Moehlmann

Grace Spellmann

Robin Andrus

Alice Claiborne

Rachel Power

Penny Ewell

Annie Morris


Leah Pennington

Monica Magee

Jackie Edwards

Krystal Dannenhoffer

Jodi Lubrant

Erin Feltes

Leepoh Francis

Amanda Martin

Sydney Elizabeth

Gladys Kung

Krystal Stone

Sara Denney Douglas

Chelsea Bannister Lake

Julia Little Engelmann

Krystal Mcghie

Kaitlin Persinger

Cheryl Sterling

Brionna Marshall

Victoria Jenkins

Isabel Yanez

New District Managers

Congratulations for achieving the first level and earning the 8% pay raise! Way to go! If you can get to District, then you can get to Nation. Keep on going!

In Qualification for Area Manager

Congratulations!!! SO close to an exciting level with a 6% pay raise and making your business will-able! Not to mention the AM/ VP Retreat you will be able to attend! Push yourself to complete this awesome promotion! You can do it!

BONUS Earners!!!

DIstrict Manager Bonus - Extra $200 BONUS

Amber McFarland

Suzy Harting

Michelle Hutchison

Nell Evans

Marsha Vaughan

Melissa McBroom

Bridget Kernan Gaither

Nina Cheng-Lo

Brandi Gandy

Suha Owens

Betty Rodriguez

Area Manager Bonus - Extra $400 BONUS

Michelle Hutchison

Suha Owens

Vice President Bonus - Extra $600 BONUS

Suzy Harting

Arbonne Incentive Trip Achievers

It's not too late to earn the incentive trips and the other gifts you can earn for your business!!!

(P.S. The Nation tracker isn't working, so email if you should be on this list below! Sorry if we missed you!)


Desiree Boyer

Kristen Buttacavoli

Elizabeth Hovis

Carol Glinski

Bridget Gaither

Ginger Angell

Melissa McBroom


Marsha Vaughan

Jill Sparks


Suzy Harting


Michelle Hutchison

Special Training Calls/Videos:

Here are 3 special training calls to listen to this week! The links are under the picture to be easy!!! Remember, when you LEARN, you EARN!!! Personal Growth is KEY!

$$$$$$ MAY CHALLENGES $$$$$

1. 5000 by 15th!!!! This is for Consultants and District Managers for MAY!!!! Hit 5000 volume by the 15th (Central District for DMs; Successline for Consultants) to receive a beautiful Kendra Scott or Tory Burch bling!!!!

2. 8-10 Raffle!!! Execute 8 presentations in MAY and/or book 10 for June to be entered in the raffle for some designer swag!!

3. 9 in 90 Challenge - Launch 5-9 direct Business Builders by June 30th for some incredible gifts from your RVP!!!!

Big image

MINDSET - Build your Belief in YOURSELF!!!!!!

95% of this business is between our ears.

If you’re business isn’t moving forward it’s usually because their is a limiting belief in one of three areas: Belief in yourself, belief in Arbonne, and/or belief in the industry. Leaders work on mindset EVERY day.


Build Your Belief in yourself
Activity Builds Belief

  • READ: You Are A Badass, Success Principles, 7-Decisions
  • Daily Affirmations
  • Post Goals with Timelines EVERYWHERE
  • Have FAITH

Build Your Belief in Arbonne

  • Activity Builds Belief
  • Use the products
  • Attend GTC, Attend Meetings EVERY MONTH, Attend Conferences
  • Jump-on Virtual Discover Arbonne (DA) presentations
  • Listen to Arbonne Consultant trainings on SoundCloud

Build Your Belief in the Network Marketing

  • Activity Builds Belief
  • READ: Flip Flop CEO, Go Pro, Business of the 21st Century
  • Attend GTC, Attend Meetings EVERY MONTH, Attend Conferences
  • Jump-on Virtual Discover Arbonne (DA) presentations
  • Listen to Arbonne Consultant DA’s on SoundCloud

Download SoundCloud onto your phone

— Here is a link to Harting Nation Playlist of Discover Arbonne Calls

-- Here is a link to Harting Nation Playlist of Training Calls

--Here is a link to Harting Nation Playlist of Perfecting your Skills Bootcamp

Listen to 1+ training/day while you drive, clean, dress, etc.

Start with Belief, Attitude, Commitment by #1 income earner, ENVP Cecilia Stoll

Download Voxer onto your phone

This is the most efficient way to coach you to success!

— Connect with your upline

(look for their photo to know it’s the correct contact)

READ 10-Pages DailyLeaders Read!

You’re business can’t outgrow YOU. Buy on AMAZON and /or download these books onto your phone through audibles and listen to books throughout your day!

  • Read this ASAP!GO PRO – 7 Steps to Becoming A Network Marketing Professional – Eric Worre-
  • The Flip Flop CEO – Lory Muirhead, Whitney Robers and Janine Finney
  • You Are A Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living An Awesome Life – Jen Sincero
  • The Seven Decisions: Understanding the Keys to Personal Success – Andy Andrews
  • Dare To Dream And Work To Win – Dr. Tom Barrett
  • The Business of The 21st Century – Robert Kiyosaki
  • The Gift – Dr. Shad Helmstedder
  • The Go-Giver: A Little Story about a Powerful Business Idea – Bob Burg and John Mann
  • The Carpenter – Jon Gordon
  • The Leader Who Had No Title – Robin Sharma
  • Today Matters – John Maxwell
  • The Wellness Revolution – Paul Zane Pilzer
  • Make Yours A Winning Team– John Maxwell
  • The Other 90% – Robert K. Cooper

Make it aMAYzing!!!! XOXO