Culture Family Task

1. How does your family celebrate birthdays or chrismas

We celebrate birthdays with cake,with chirstmas we have we sometimes have a family lunch like a BBQ.

2. Are there any special days you celebrate as a family

Cambodian new year

3. Why is it inportant to respect and remember our culture through art,stories,songs and dance

So that we can keep the tradition alive

4. What it would be like if we were all the same

It would be boring

5. What are the different ways people can tell stories about there culture

The can dance and sing

6. How does your family share you culture and belefs

We share it by mum takes us to this Cambodian temple called the WAT and we pray with the munks. A munk is a Cambodian man that prays with us and wears an orange wrap that goes over there shoulder

7. Now after this reasarch and discuss what the word CULTURE is to me

The word culture means to me is people with different beliefs and different lauguage